Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures

Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures

Rating: 4.33 (Votes: 15)
A brand new cooking adventure awaits you in Potion Punch 2.
Join Lyra, a determined young alchemist, on a magic quest to cure her mentor Noam’s mysterious gnomified condition.

Play as a traveling shopkeeper and run an assortment of shops; from a fantastical tavern, a magic restaurant, an enchanted diner, to every magic item shop in between. You will find new and exciting cooking games in every chapter!

☆ Dash around a vast kingdom and discover a new way to play in each location.
☆ Merge ingredients in a dash to cook tasty food and create magic items.
☆ Test your cooking skills across many addictively fun levels, restaurants, and game modes.
☆ Merge magic, cook tasty food, and master fresh and original cooking game mechanics.
☆ Go on a combo-licious cooking fever and try to serve as many customers as you can!

☆ Win the heart of your customers and turn them into loyal patrons.
☆ Throw epic parties to attract, collect, and unlock new adventurers across the kingdom.
☆ Get help from a dragon queen, a magic barkeep, and other heroes with powerful cooking abilities.
☆ Discover their story and reap the benefits of the bonds you build.

☆ Design, decorate, and renovate to increase your shop’s popularity in each location.
☆ Upgrade your dragon grill, potion marker, and other fantasy cooking equipment to survive the frantic cooking craze.
☆ Do it your way and choose the right restaurant upgrades for your play style and maximize your profits.

☆ Summon legendary shop heroes and use their magic to overcome numerous challenges.
☆ Hustle to defend your shop against dastardly villains who are up to no good.

Are you ready for a fresh and delightful fantasy cooking game? Come join the fun and play Potion Punch 2 today!!

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● You can play Potion Punch 2 completely offline, but the game does have a few online features such as daily rewards, online leaderboards, and cloud saving, that require internet access in order to function correctly.
● Potion Punch 2 is a free to download cooking game and is completely free to play, but optional items for the game can be purchased using real money. You can disable this feature in your mobile device’s settings.

Photos, Media, and Files
● Potion Punch 2 may need permission to access your device's external storage to ensure that your progress is properly saved.
● Granting this permission will also increase availability of video ads (even offline) as these videos can be cached in your external storage.
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Medusa Mini

2 years ago

Overall a great f2p friendly game that I've played for about a year now. I have completed all available levels, and while challenging, they're not impossible nor tedious. If you can't beat a level you just need to upgrade the shop and get better at the game. I've never spent money on the game, so it's 100% capable of being played for free if you're prepared to grind gems from chests and have patience. I do the dailies every day and just play it because I like it, not because I feel obliged to!

"I love this."

anna pitts

2 years ago

it's like the original but diffrent. same cooncept. I haven't gotten that for into it yet but the main thing I love about this is the charachter. I love the blue hair and they give me subtle lgbtq+ vibes and I love it. I think in the next game though you should add 2 others you could play as. the female, a male, and an enby. keep up great work!

"10/10 would recommend."

sara c

2 years ago

I love this sequel, I really liked the first one but at some point it started to get really frustrating and complicated so I left it. With this one they kept similar mechanics but with new objects to sell, workers, patrons, venues, etc. I find refreshing that now the game is not only about potions. The graphics are nice and neat and you can go f2p without any inconvenience.

"I love the game itself."


2 years ago

It has a nice art style, smooth play, balanced challenge, fun characters, and a satisfying upgrade pace. However, it crashes pretty often--sometimes repeatedly, sometimes just once. And the ads... oof. I appreciate that there's an ads-for-rewards option, like for extra mana, a different daily gift, or an alternate daily challenge. Wish there was a little more variety, but my real frustration is with the additional popup ads. There aren't a lot of those, but it adds up.

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  • Category: Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Monstronauts Inc.
  • File Size: 71M
  • Visits: 136
  • License: Free
  • Last Update: August 21, 2022
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